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Only Saints Can Sanctify the Church and Convert the World

In uncertain times, Apostolic Catholic Leaders have a united message: the ‘one thing necessary’ for faithful Catholics is the urgent development and faithful maintenance of the interior life.

Five bishops and over 25 Catholic Apostolic leaders have created a resource center for the formation of saints. This live conference and Formation Repository is based on the spiritual classic The Soul of the Apostolate, ‘bedside book’ of Pope St. Pius X.

“Our modern world is starving for the food that nurtures the core of our life as children of God. The Soul of the Apostolate is essential for changing our world.” -Bishop Strickland, Conference Formator

Conference Speaker List + Episcopal Endorsements

Formators for the Conference + Resource Repository

  • His Excellency +Thomas Gullickson (Archbishop; Apostolic Nuncio to Switzerland and Liechtenstein)
  • His Excellency +Salvatore Cordileone (Archbishop of San Francisco)
  • His Excellency +Robert Vasa (Bishop of Santa Rosa)
  • His Excellency +Athanasius Schneider (Auxiliary Bishop of Astana)
  • His Excellency +Joseph Strickland (Bishop of Tyler)
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  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker (priest and author)
  • Dom Alcuin Reid (founding Prior of the Monastère Saint-Benoît; liturgical scholar)
  • Right Reverend Nicholas (Abbot of Holy Resurrection Monastery)
  • Fra. Anthony Serviam Ma. (founder of a Franciscan order)
  • Fr. Vince Huber (member of the Apostles of the Interior Life, specialists in spiritual direction)
  • Fr. Lawrence Carney (missionary priest, founder of the Martinians)
  • Fr. Samuel Morehead (pastor of Holy Souls in Denver; contributor at the Avila Institute)
  • Rev. Fr. Joseph Tuscan, OFM Cap. (Franciscan, retreat preacher)
  • Fr. Matthew MacDonald (priest in the state of New York; writer)
  • Fr. Patrick Hyde, OP (Dominican, campus ministry chaplaincy)
Media Apostles
  • Sam Guzman (founder of The Catholic Gentleman)
  • Bree Dail (journalist; intl. Coordinator for Rosary Coast to Coast)
  • Steve Cunningham (founder of Sensus Fidelium)
  • Mike (founder of Restoring the Faith)
  • Stefanie Lozinski (writer)
Scholarly Apostles
  • Dr. Ralph Martin (founder of Renewal Ministries)
  • Daniel Campbell (professor of Theology in Denver)
  • Gregory DiPippo (editor at New Liturgical Movement)
  • Matthew Plese (founder of
  • Derya Little (PhD) 
On-the-Ground Apostles
  • Calvin Mueller (former missionary/emcee, director of rural evangelization in Omaha)
  • John O’Brien (founder of the Aquinas Forum)
  • Pete Burak (evangelist in Renewal Ministries)
  • Peter Blute (Vice President of Young Catholic Professionals)
  • Michael E. McKee (co-founder of Paulatim Way for the spiritual life)
  • Richard Borgman (international missionary for 50 years)
  • Kevin Williams (full-time pro-life apostle)

Become A Saint 

In unprecedented times, the challenge of the Church remains the same: Become a Saint.

Fr. Garrigou-LaGrange taught that God’s solution for every Church crisis has been the formation of saints; in these unprecedented times we need saints like St. John of whom the liturgical text says “he is one of the rivers of Paradise.” Catholic Tradition describes the interior life of as an infusion of the river of life; it begins in baptism and never stops flowing: “of its increase there is no end” (Isaiah 9:7) 

This is the life of God that creates saints: St. John Vianney had a voice so weak that it could not reach most of those in the crowd that surged around him. Though people could hardly hear him, they saw him– they saw a living monstrance of God, and the mere sight of him overwhelmed and converted them.

When asked, men replied: “I have seen God in a man.”

Archbishop Cordileone, another formator, said, “How do you get to know someone? You have to communicate. If you are not rooted in prayer, you do not know God. In God’s will is our peace; We can only access that if we cultivate the interior life.”

The Incarnation establishes Jesus as the only Source of divine life: God does nothing except through His Son. “Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.” This is true in the natural order and much more so in the supernatural order– so that God may be “all in all.”

Scripture says: “God is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us.” As you develop a powerful internal life, you will be strengthened with power through the Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ in you the hope of glory gives forth hope to the world. Christ himself said: “Without Me you can do nothing.” If your resolutions bear no fruit, it can only be because your belief that “I can do all things” is not followed by: “in Him Who strengthens me.”

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Saint Alphonsus Ligouri

“Many say the Rosary, but they still continue in sin. But it is impossible for him who perseveres in mental prayer to continue in sin. Mental prayer is morally necessary for salvation. All Saints were made such by mental prayer.”

Saint Teresa of Avila

“He who neglects mental prayer needs not a devil to carry him to Hell, but he brings himself there with his own hands. The devil knows that he has lost the soul that perseveringly practices mental prayer.”

-Become A Saint- Formation Resources:

    • Implement episcopally-endorsed sanctifying mental prayer habits to help you stay-the-course long-term (not just a “retreat high”).
    • A Practical Mental Prayer Resource Guide for the Formation of Saints Amidst the Crisis Video Training & PDF
    • Two Lectio Divinas: Guided Meditation and Accompanying “5-Step Mental Prayer” Instructions
    • “How to Have a ‘Simple Conversation’ With God: Practical Advice from The Soul of the Apostolate.”
    • Six Practical Ways the Interior Life Establishes Genuine Virtue Reading Excerpt from The Soul of the Apostolate

The Interior Life is ‘The One Thing Necessary’

“The active life is limited. Works of every sort all come to an end at the threshold of eternity. But the interior life will never cease: Jesus said of Mary that the ‘one thing necessary’ was also the thing “which shall not be taken away from her.”

Sanctify  The Church

For every 1 convert, over 6 Catholics leave the Church; in Pope St. John Paul II’s words: “entire groups of the baptized have lost a living sense of the faith, and no longer consider themselves members of the Church.” What is the solution? 

An outward despairing focus must yield to an interior union with the Divine Source. A holy, perfect and virtuous man, said St. Theresa, actually does far more good to souls than a great many others who are merely better educated or more talented.

“The Church must speak about the real possibility of going to hell. The ‘one thing necessary’ is the life of sanctifying grace, the state of friendship with God. In order to set the world on fire, we must live interior lives of prayer. I support SOCA’s effort to form Catholics with deep interior lives, as this is the heart of authentic renewal in the Church.” – Bishop Athanasius Schneider

The Church is awakening from apathy and external criticism to meet on the common ground of internal resolution; this is the Church’s timeless solution for authentic renewal. 

The life of Christ received interiorly is the only source of sanctification of the Church and salvation of the world. The more Catholics grow in this life of grace, the more it disseminates to the mystical body of Christ. Discover how you can participate in the Church’s authentic renewal with specific guidance according to the various states in life.

-Sanctify The Church- Resources:

    • Download The Heroic Virtue Questionnaire: Canonization Requirements. May be Utilized as an Examination of Conscience Tool
    • Be led by Archbishop Cordileone, Archbishop Guillickson, Dom Alcuin Reid, and many more on how to contemplatively unite to the Church through the liturgy and why this is central to the Church’s mission
    • In the midst of the darkness and current world crisis, discover how you can become a light and part of the solution through an overflowing interior life; with specific guidance given according to the various states in life.
    • Learn why contemplation is true participation in the Mass and how it can become the “source and summit” of grace for the renewal of your family and parish.
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“He who prays is in touch with the First Cause. He acts directly upon it.” -The Soul Of The Apostolate

Convert The World

The Soul Of The Apostolate counsels us: “The extent to which you live on the love of Our Lord will be the exact measure of your ability to stir it up in other people.” 

“I love Jesus Christ,” said St. Alphonsus Liguori, “and that is why I am on fire with the desire to give Him souls, first of all my own, and then an incalculable number of others.”

If you desire to develop a strong inner life that can transform the world for generations to come, learn how you can practically develop a rich interior life with this online conference and free formation repository developed by Apostolic Catholic Leaders and endorsed by Archbishop Gullickson: “This is solid Catholic nourishment rooted in our best tradition” 

While Martha was troubled about many things, we invite you to ‘the one thing necessary’ the thing that ‘cannot be taken from you’. The Soul of the Apostolate closes with this warning: “Your approval of the subject matter will have little or no effect unless it is united to a firm resolution to intensify your interior life.”

-Convert The World- Resources

    • Be mentored from front-line leaders in the Church’s war for souls; learn why in order to evangelize, “Catholic culture must ‘super-naturalize’ with mysticism.”
    • Be led in meditating upon the two eternal destinies of heaven and hell, igniting care for your own salvation and zeal for that of others.
    • Embrace perseverance with practical counsel from leaders designed for various states of life.
    • Be inspired by Bishop Strickland, Bishop Schneider, Sam Guzman (The Catholic Gentleman), Father Longenecker, and many more on how to become a spiritually-dynamic force in the war for souls today.

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