The 2020 Soul of the Apostolate 2020 Conference Happening In:

Thank you for your message & work

We want to share it with as many people as possible in these unprecedented times. Please review the following deliverables we’ll need from you in order to highlight your material at our upcoming online conference.

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Asset Submission Guidelines

Video Lighting + Sound

Lighting: Sufficient lighting coming from in front of you is essential for quality video production. Film in a well lit area, preferably natural light that’s indirectly coming through windows. Avoid direct sunlight as this can “blow out” the image. If no natural light is available, use as many ambient lights as possible to eliminate shadows around your face. This ring light is a great option whether you are recording with your smartphone or on desktop/laptop:

Smartphone Recording: You can use your smartphone to record but it must be on a tripod, not held in your hand. Please make sure you have adequate lighting.

Computer Recording: Onboard microphones are usually not sufficient. External microphone recommendation: (somethings this is preferable to headphones or earbuds) Or portable: Some built-in laptop webcams are not sufficient. External webcam recommendation:

Video File Directives

Video – 1080p 30fps – .mp4, h264, or .mov formats (most iPhones and DSLRs record in these natively). 720p is fine as an alternative. Do your best with wardrobe and background– we understand we’re all shooting from home. Please also do you best to limit noise from your pets or children in the background.

Important Image Requirements

Please send a high resolution (something less than 300 pixels will render blurry in our advertising material) portrait orientated image (vertical, not horizontal) photo. Please do not crop to a thumbnail square, or remove the background. Professional shots preferred to ‘in nature’ or ‘taken by friends’ shots.

Please send: 

  • Vertical portrait. 
  • High resolution. 
  • No transparent backgrounds. 
  • Professional grade if possible.