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The Premium Monthly Pass is designed to extend this three-day conference beyond a ‘retreat-high’ by providing a solid formation in the interior life. A one-stop-shop with practical step-by-step formation synthesizing 20,000+ hours of Catholic resources to save you time in your progress toward holiness, updated with new and comprehensive challenges for ongoing grace; endorsed by multiple bishops for proven life-long formation.

The Premium Pass Includes:

    • On-demand access for a whole month (!) to the conference after it closes at midnight on the last day.
    • 18+ hours of the conference audio recordings in easy-to-listen MP3 file format.
    • Synthetic lessons and meditations from the saints along with practical lessons to tie the current liturgical life, Catholic customs, your spiritual life, and your home life all together for a holistic Catholic way of living
    • Curated “best of” sermons, videos, audios, excerpts, etc. every month based on traditional Catholic wisdom
    • Gradually develop a plan of life with practical spiritual habits and domestic living, gaining greater clarity and supernatural purpose month-to-month
    • In-depth examination of consciences updated every month such as our Heroic Virtue Questions, Mortification Index, Predominant Fault Inventory, and more to discover strength for spiritual warfare along with peace and freedom from sin with
    • Crash courses on mental prayer and a plan of life for practical, concrete steps to attaining spiritual virtue
    • Personalized spiritual SMART goal-maker and habit-tracking through reminders to keep your attention on the “one thing necessary” in the midst of this chaotic life with a do-it-yourself customizable model

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Duc in altum: Launch Out Into the Deep!’

Fulfill your heart’s desire to experience intimate union with God. The life of grace must flourish into eternity from seeds planted in this life; it is therefore urgent that of the life of Jesus within each soul should be a living and vital reality for the assurance of their salvation.

We invite you to ‘the one thing necessary’ the thing that ‘cannot be taken from you’. The Soul of the Apostolate closes with this warning: “Your approval of the subject matter will have little or no effect unless it is united to a firm resolution to intensify your interior life.”

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